KIU《3itches 三魔女》長篇連載漫畫

변영근 Byun Young Geun《Today's Desserts》Ep.1-3(日文附英譯本)

Publisher: POPOTAME

附親筆簽名 signed

日文附英譯本 Japanese version with English translation

這是由從未畫過角色面部表情或台詞的藝術家 Byun Young Geun新系列漫畫作品。
This is a new series by Byun Young Geun who has never drawn characters' facial expressions or lines before.
The main character is a man who came to Japan from Seoul to look after his cat because his younger brother, who lives in Tokyo, is away from home for a long period of time. As he walks through an unfamiliar city, he feels the seasons of a foreign country, ponders various things, and eats dessert.
The streets and people depicted from the perspective of a visitor also reflect the artist's mental image of the artist, who has now moved from Seoul to Tokyo.
A delicious looking cake appears in each story. The original humor of the artist can also be seen, and the beautiful watercolors continue to spread to every corner of the panel.


Episode.1 —— Cherry Blossoms and Matcha Cake
Episode.2 —— Colorful milk crepes
Episode.3 —— Peach cake to relieve the heat

A4(21 x 29.7cm) / 騎馬釘 saddle stitch / 全彩 full-color / 36P
英譯本 translation booklet: A5, 黑白 B/W

Translated by キム ミジョン Kim Mi-jung
Cooperation 大林 えり子
Issued by ポポタム
Special thanks 澤田 暢,shuko


변영근 Byun Young Geun

高妍 Gao Yan

1996 年生於臺灣臺北,臺灣藝術大學視覺傳達系畢業,於沖繩縣立藝術大學美術系短期留學。現以插畫、漫畫家身分在台灣、日本持續發表作品。2020 年受邀為村上春樹《棄貓》繪製封面與內頁插畫,並以台灣館參展漫畫家身分參與國際安古蘭漫畫節。2021 年 6 月起於日本漫畫雜誌《Comic Beam》初次連載作品《綠之歌》。


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