KIU《3itches 三魔女》長篇連載漫畫

Chivas Leung《Night Night》

ISBN: 9789887640905
Publisher: 獨立出版

Signed Edition of 500 親筆簽名版,限量 500 本
Written in English 全英文對白

Somewhere in the world, there is a place where night time lasted for more than 24 hours a day. Eternal darkness did not bother a boy and a cat, who had never set foot outside of their house. All the boy ever did was drawing. The two kept everything to themselves—until one day, an unexpected guest arrived at the door.A girl with roller skates invited the boy to embark on an expedition to find the most beautiful scenery.

「《Night Night》是我第⼀次真正創作漫畫書。這橫跨半年的製作過程對我和書中的主⾓來說,是⼀場⾃我發現的旅程。 正如書中開⾸所寫,這本書是獻給那些深夜還未入睡的⼈。期望能成為讓你讀起來毫無負擔的睡前讀物,旅途中感到累了便隨時停下來,安⼼入睡。晚安。」
"Night Night is my very first time creating a comic book. Spanning across more than six months, the production process was as much a self-discovery journey for me as for the protagonists. As written on the first few pages, this book is dedicated to those who are still awake late at night. I hope it can be a bedtime book that will make you feel calm. Just stop anytime whenever you feel tired during the journey, and I hope sweet dreams find you soon. Night night."


148 x 210mm / 176P / All-ages / Risograph Printed
Embossed & Foil Stamped Dust Jacket
Offset & Silk Screen Printed Softcover




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