AKIRA x Supreme 商品預覽圖!



今年是漫畫版《AKIRA》的三十五周年(1982 年開始連載),早前也介紹會有漫畫英文版 Boxset,早兩天台灣東立也公佈了會再版中文版漫畫,實在十分熱鬧!在之前上衫季明的海報展大友克洋在對談中也透露到,《AKIRA》將會 crossover 潮流品牌 Supreme,現在終於有 Logo 和商品的預覽圖!



首先 Logo 是用動畫版的英文和日文標題字作改動,把「AKIRA」改成「SUPREME」,保留了 Impact 的字體和裁去上方一部份的設計。而商品中使用了漫畫分格的畫作,最常出現是經典爆炸一幕,鐵雄的畫作,還有直排「アキラ」的日文標題字等等,現在來看看部份相片~


















商品將於 11 月 2 日在歐美店鋪發售,11 月 4 日在日本店鋪發售。





AKIRA was a Japanese manga series created by Katsuhiro Otomo that launched in 1982 and concluded in 1990. The story takes place in a Post-World War III world where Tokyo has been destroyed by a nuclear bombing and society is fraught with anti-government terrorism, drug usage and gang violence.

In the story, Kaneda and Tetsuo are best friends and members of the motorcycle gang The Capsules when Tetsuo has an accident that awakens great psychic powers within him that causes him to turn on Kaneda and ultimately drives him to insanity. The series has been credited as introducing manga and anime to the Western world and has visually inspired post-apocalyptic and dystopian series and films that have since been released.

This Fall, Supreme has worked with Katsuhiro Otomo on a collection featuring original artwork from AKIRA. The collection consists of a Fishtail Parka, Work Jacket, Coveralls, Jacquard Long Sleeve Top, Soccer Top, two Hooded Sweatshirts, a Zip-Up Hooded Sweatshirt, four Short Sleeve T-Shirts, a Long Sleeve T-Shirt, a 5-Panel Hat, two Skateboard Decks, and a Ceramic Plate and Tray. яндекс

Available in-store NY, Brooklyn, LA, London, Paris and online November 2nd.
Available in Japan on November 4th.